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Hydropack®, quality, durability, your natural choice !

Hydropack green roof tray systemPatented in 2000, HYDROPACK® was the first green roof tray system to be launched. HYDROPACK® is the only tray that contains all the components essential for the successful creation of an extensive green roof system.

The "All-in-one" HYDROPACK® tray comes complete with fully grown vegetation, growing media, filter fabric, mineral drainage and water reservoirs.


  • Trays fully grown when installed
  • Only “All-in-one” tray system that includes vegetation, growing medium, filter fabric, mineral drainage and water reservoirs.
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Perfect for flat and very steep applications
  • Different vegetation cover options available
  • The green roof tray that decreases significantly stormwater runoffs, HYDROPACK® is provided with a computer software to anticipate runoffs volumes
  • HYDROPACK® has been patented since 2000.
  • HYDROPACK® has been proven in many climates

With more than 5 million square feet installed on over 1,500 rooftops, HYDROPACK® is the most widely used tray system in existence.

Hydropack green roof tray "ALL IN ONE"

HYDROPACK® is the only green roof module designed with all the essential layers of a successful green roof system. It is simple and already assembled.

When designing your vegetation free zones along the perimeter of the vegetation, you don't need to add aluminum edging to retain the growing media: In HYDROPACK® the growing media is already contained within the tray. It saves time and money!

Optimal water reserves are designed to increase the drought tolerance of the plants.


Hydropack green roof tray installation


The installation is easy and fast thanks to our very efficient packaging on standard pallets. We can ship 3,200 sq. ft. per truck load.

Our innovative interlocking system insures a straightforward placement of the modules.

HYDROPACK® can be installed on any waterproofi­ng membrane by anybody and on any slope.

Onsite technical support is provided free of charge for each project*.

HYDROPACK® is delivered with a single source warranty from waterproofing manufacturers.

Order only 2 weeks ahead! We have a continuous stock of HYDROPACK® standard plant mix.

Hydropack green roof system steep roof FLAT OR VERY PITCHED ROOFS

No limit with HYDROPACK® ! You can use this green roof tray for any slope you want. Be innovative and creative, green roofs don't need to be all flat! We provide special attachment for pitched roofs applications.


Installed on more than 1,500 rooftops and 5 Million sq. ft., HYDROPACK® has widely proven its performance across a wide range of climate: Mediterranean, humid subtropical, humid continental, semiarid steppe, marine westcoast, ...


HYDROPACK® is part of the Best Management Practices for Stormwater runoff mitigation. Thanks to its water reservoirs and innovative design, HYDROPACK® retains an optimal volume of Stormwater and significantly decreases runoff.

Our research show that compared to some 4” built-up systems or trays, HYDROPACK® retains a great deal more water.

We can provide you runoff data using HYDROPACK® RUNOFF TOOL developed in partnership with universities. 

HYDROPACK® can retain up to 100% of precipitation depending on the amount of water and the previous rain events.

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