LE PRIEURE – VEGETAL i.D leading world specialist in urban greening for more than 25 years


Vegetal i.D. Inc is the American branch of a global company, Le Prieuré, that did its first green roof installation in 1989. We invented and patented the Hydropack® system, which was the first modular green roof system in Europe, and remains the number one green roof technology thanks to our constant innovations.

As a pioneer in the manufacture and design of green roof systems in both Europe and North America, Vegetal i.D. has been a specialist in urban vegetation for 20 years (green roofs , stormwater management, and low maintenance urban development).

With more than 5 million sq. ft. installed, Hydropack green roof is safe, built to endure, and vegetated with drought tolerant plants.

Vegetal i.D. is driven by an imperative to provide extraordinary customer service. Our experts are at every installation, offering advice and tips to installers to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting green roof.  At Vegetal i.D. we accompany you from concept to completion and then provide the support necessary to ensure the longevity of your green roof.

Every green roof installed by Vegetal i.D. is populated entirely with plants grown at our own nurseries. Unlike companies that contract out the planting of their product to outsiders, Vegetal i.D. believes that the health and durability of our plant stock is dependent on the knowledge, experience, and skill of Vegetal i.D. staff in the field.

Vegetal i.D. has lead thousands of projects in flat and steep roofs. Green infrastructure solutions with Vegetal i.D., bringing nature back to the city!

100% made by Le Prieuré

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The biggest green roofs and green walls specialized nursery in France

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Production center , Bescano (Girone), Spain


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Growing media production facility , Moisy, France

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Production facility , Batavia , NY , USA



With Vegetal i.D. we are bringing nature back to the city! Vegetal i.D. is committed to being a major player in the green roof and green infrastructure market at a global level.

Specialists in green roofs for over 20 years...

Vegetal i.D. is located in both France and the United States enabling it to serve all of Europe, Canada, and the continental United States.

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As an expert in green roofs, Vegetal i.D. is a member of:

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US Green Building CouncilPole Dream, Pole de compétitivité eaux et milieux - région CentreGreenroofsGTTV Conseil GTTV 

Looking for a product to achieve a successful green roof or achieve your on-site stormwater management goals? As experts in green roof and stormwater management products, Vegetal i.D. is a manufacturer and provider of green roof and stormwater management solutions.  Vegetal i.D. stays with every project from concept to installation so with Vegetal i.D. your never on your own.

Vegetal i.D. offers modular extensive green roof products such as Hydropack®, stormwater management solutions and green roof solutions for any pitch using Acropack.