Company History Vegetal i.D.

Vegetal i.D. has been a specialist in green roofs for over 20 years!


Vegetal i.D. began producing laying turf. Almost immediately, the company made several vegetated roofs using pre-planted rolls of turf.


To create a less demanding alternative for water and maintenance, the Vegetal i.D. nursery began to specialise in growing plants suited to the very difficult conditions for surviving on roofs: sedums. Initial production of vegetated sedum mats.


First commercialised production of sedum mats under the "Vegetal i.D." nametapis-idmat


Development of a complete vegetated system consisting of a drainage layer, a layer of growing medium and a layer of vegetation.


Vegetal i.D. develops a range of vertical planting solutions: green walls.


Membership of the french Green Roof Association association : ADIVET 


Invention and patent of the 1st pre-grown vegetated module : HYDROPACK® all-in-one green roof tray with water storage system (patented). Vegetal i.D. won a gold medal for innovation from BATIMAT (largest European building material trade show).
Hydropack-Standard-Mix-V2 WEB


Vegetal i.D. completes its first international green roof project


Obtained the first Technical Evaluation for roof vegetating systems regardless of waterproofing conditions, and whatever the medium (roof with a pitch of under 20%)


Opening of Vegetal i.D Inc.'s North American subsidiary.


Validation of the steep roof systems by an external technical inspection service (20 to 200%)

Launch of the solution for managing rainwater on the green roof; Oasis®



LE PRIEURE – VEGETAL i.D acquired Vivers Ter, leading spanish green wall company to reinforce its offer and positionning in the living wall market in Europe


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As an expert in green roofs, Vegetal i.D. is a member of:

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US Green Building CouncilPole Dream, Pole de compétitivité eaux et milieux - région CentreGreenroofsGTTV Conseil GTTV 

Looking for a product to achieve a successful green roof or achieve your on-site stormwater management goals? As experts in green roof and stormwater management products, Vegetal i.D. is a manufacturer and provider of green roof and stormwater management solutions.  Vegetal i.D. stays with every project from concept to installation so with Vegetal i.D. your never on your own.

Vegetal i.D. offers modular extensive green roof products such as Hydropack®, stormwater management solutions and green roof solutions for any pitch using Acropack.