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 Green roofs are an integral and beautiful component of any sustainable building.  A successful green roof installation requires expertise in all components from conception to installation, to maintenance.  At Vegetal i.D. we have expertise in all stages of green roof creation.  Our talented experts will perform a technical study of your buildings specific situation (climate, elevation, building type, roof location) in order develop the ideal design for your specific situation.  

With 20 years of knowledge in green roofing, Vegetal i.D. has the practical experience to ensure your green roof is a success.  Let us handle the plants.  Our products are pre-grown all in one systems that are vegetated and beautiful with hearty plants from the day they are installed.  Our products are easy to install, reliable, and easy to maintain. We provide you with a simple maintenance program, and keep in touch with every installation to ensure that every project is a success.

Innovation is at the heart of the development strategy of Vegetal i.D.  The R&D department is always working to develop new technical vegetated solutions to improve the value of living infrastructure solutions.

As a horticulture producer Vegetal i.D. grows all of its green roof plants on site in Batavia, NY.  Batavia is centrally located within a 500 mile radius of 50% of the North American population  For over 20 years, Vegetal i.D. has specialized in the horticulture of green roof plants, and has developed expertise that you can trust.

The substrate is an essential element of a green roof system.  Vegetal i.D. is consistently working to develop the best possible substrate, and the technical expertise and experience that we have developed enables us to provide you with the best and most reliable complete system.

The technical study of your green rooftop project is an essential prerequisite for success!  Vegetal i.D.'s experts have over 20 years of experience creating  hardy and beautiful green roof projects.  Let our experts make your project a success!

The logistics of a green roofing project are an important component of delivering healthy vegetation and managing the cost of a project.  At Vegetal i.D. our product is optimized to minimize cost, and deliver healthy vegetated green roof products to the project site on-time.

With Hydropack all-in-one green paver, installation is easy.  Our product is designed, to snap together simply and quickly with light modular green pavers that give you a beautiful green roof every time.

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As an expert in green roofs, Vegetal i.D. is a member of:

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US Green Building CouncilPole Dream, Pole de compétitivité eaux et milieux - région CentreGreenroofsGTTV Conseil GTTV 

Looking for a product to achieve a successful green roof or achieve your on-site stormwater management goals? As experts in green roof and stormwater management products, Vegetal i.D. is a manufacturer and provider of green roof and stormwater management solutions.  Vegetal i.D. stays with every project from concept to installation so with Vegetal i.D. your never on your own.

Vegetal i.D. offers modular extensive green roof products such as Hydropack®, stormwater management solutions and green roof solutions for any pitch using Acropack.