Hydroventiv Features

Hydroventiv is an innovative BMP placed on the roof for your on-site low impact stormwater management solution. It creates a versatile and low-cost stormwater detention system. Hydroventiv flow control can be set to whatever the flow needs to be for the project.


Hydroventiv Features

  • No water ponding direclty on the membrane
  • Controlled runoff flow with site specific flow rate
  • 2 gallons per sq. ft. water retention 
  • Invisible and autonomous irrigation system


You Asked for Runoff Flow Control

You can adjust the flow rate to meet the specifications of your site with flow rates as low as 0.15 cubic feet per second per acre.  The flow rate remains constant the entire time that Hydroventiv is releasing its water reserve.

You Asked for an Attractive Stormwater Management Solution

Hydroventiv combines vegetation and water storage with a diverse selection of sedums, chives, and thymes to ensure year round vegetation cover.  The plants flower from white, to pink, and yellow.

You Asked for Predictable Storage Performance

Even when the vegetation is fully saturated with water, Hydroventiv retains a lot of rainfall predictably and reliably.

You Asked for a Sustainable and Attractive Irrigation System

Irrigation systems are expensive and defeat the purpose of green roof based stormwater management on the roof.  This is why Hydroventiv is designed to use its storage capacity to passively water the plants from underneath using our innovative wicking system known as IRRIG'UP.  The plants have more water availability throught the year and do not require additional irrigation in most climates.  During periods of extreme drought you can still save your green roof system by filling the water reserve beneath the green roof without using an expensive irrigation system or sprinklers.  The trays are interconnected so water put in one Hydroventiv actually irrigates multiple trays.

You asked for More Value for the Building Owner

More and more, regulations and building codes require you to store rainwater/stormwater runoff on site.  While many options are available to you, they are mostly solutions that consume valuable real estate ground space.  This can limit the extent to which you can develop a property.  Hydroactive Smart Roof enables you to utilize all the space you have available and build more per site by storing the water on the roof.  Have you thought about building one more apartment building instead of a pond?  Now you can if you store the water on the roof using our Hydroventiv solution.  Best of all, Hydroventiv only requires an additional roof-load capacity of 33 lbs per square foot to store 2 gallons per sq. ft. of rainfall on the roof, a weight so low that most buildings are already designed with sufficiant excess capacity.

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