Installation of Hydropack


Hydropack is a quick and easy solution to create beautiful, low-maintenance green roofs. Hydropack is designed to install like a construction product not a traditional green roof for fast and reliable installations. With Vegetal i.D., don't worry about the green part of the roof, focus on the efficient installation of a construction product.

For a complete guide on the installation of Hydropack, please click here.

Lead Time

One area where Hydropack separates itself from other modular green roof systems is our remarkably short lead-time. While other modular systems require a lead-time of 3 growing months, Hydropack can be ordered and delivered to the job site within two weeks with no money down. It is never too late to change to the reliable low-maintenance Hydropack system.

 27.Hydropack tray green roof shipping


Hydropack is shipped on pallets that can be unloaded quickly upon delivery which also enables us to fit more product per truck. This leads to fewer trips, which saves you money and the headache of coordinating more deliveries.

After the installation is completed, the wooden pallets that Hydropack ships on can be easily disposed of. Other tray systems ship on nursery racks that must be shipped back to the nursery empty. This enables you to spend less time with a crane on-site, and also enables the truck driver to leave the scene immediately after delivery.


Plant Coverage

Hydropack is always shipped with 90% coverage. More often than not, building owners are looking for fast plant coverage for their green roofs. While cutting systems can take up to 2 years to reach 90% coverage, Hydropack reaches this coverage the day it is installed.

Many building owners will withhold a percentage of contract payment until "full" coverage is reached. That is a lot of risk for a roofing company that doesn't specialize in plants. This is why Vegetal i.D. has engineered Hydropack to alleviate this risk with a product that is designed as a construction product with full coverage out-of-the-box.


  Close up of hooking system


Hydropack's modular design is great for more than just low-maintenance high-performance green roof systems. Hydropack is designed to install quickly and easily on rooftops of nearly any pitch. Each tray is lightweight with ergonomic grips on the sides to enable easy placement. Each tray is designed with a simple hooking system to ensure proper placement, protection from wind uplift, and nutrient sharing throughout the rooftop.


For a complete guide on the installation of Hydropack, please click here.


VIDEO: Installation Showcase



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