Extensive Green Roofs



The all-in-one green roof system

Patented in 2000 Hydropack is a modular green roof solution that is the result of 20 years of experience in green roofing and is the only tray to contain all the components essential for a successful rooftop garden.  The Hydropack green roof tray comes complete with all green roof components: mineral drainage, filter cloth, growing media, and vegetation.  Hydropack has been designed with water reservoirs and an interlocking system that maximizes stormwater retention and mitigates irrigation system needs.

But why Hydropack?

  • Hydropack contains all of the components of a multilayer system, with drainage, filter, and substrate layers that are specifically designed for rooftop conditions.
  • Designed for both flat and highly pitched roofs (up to 200% gradient)
  • Hydropack includes permanent water reservoirs to maximize stormwater retention and minimize irrigation needs.  This system makes Hydropack ideal for nearly any climate region.
  • Pre-vegetated trays are delivered with at least 95% coverage and can be shipped to the project site with as little as 2 weeks lead time
  • Plant mixes ranging from a hardy and low maintenance standard mix to a fully customized mix
  • Hydropack is designed to work like a living paver and the result is a product that is easy and quick to install
  • Our all-inclusive system and carefully chosen plant blend creates a product that is both aesthetically pleasing, and remarkably low maintenance


A product of 20 years of experience in green roofing, Hydropack is an all-in-one green roof paver that is easy to install, with 95% vegetation cover from the day of installation.  Our patented system is resilient and low maintenance in nearly any climate region.

The specifications of the Hydropack Tray

Hydropack comes in 3 different plant mixes to fit the aesthetic needs of nearly any green roof project.

HYDROPACK is a product that is designed with dedicated water reserves to minimize the need for permanent irrigation systems. In fact, in many climate regions no irrigation is needed at all! If you would like to install a green roof irrigation system, Vegetal i.D.'s experts can help you to choose the right system for your project. This page will help you to learn more.

Hydropack is designed to be installed as a construction product.

Hydropack systems require little maintenance. However, this small amount of maintenance is essential in maintaining a successful system.

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Looking for a product to achieve a successful green roof or achieve your on-site stormwater management goals? As experts in green roof and stormwater management products, Vegetal i.D. is a manufacturer and provider of green roof and stormwater management solutions.  Vegetal i.D. stays with every project from concept to installation so with Vegetal i.D. your never on your own.

Vegetal i.D. offers modular extensive green roof products such as Hydropack®, stormwater management solutions and green roof solutions for any pitch using Acropack.