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Hydropack Specifications

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Hydropack is made of 100% post recycled HDPE and polyester fiber filter.


  Nominal dimensions per unit produced 2' x 1' 3"  x 4" 600 x 400 x 100 mm
Material Tray black 100% post recycled HDPE 
Filter fabric Non-woven 3 oz. sq. ft. Non-woven 100 g/m2
Growing media FLL compliant, adapted to North America
Vegetation Standard/Accent/Custom
Water Water reserve (ASTM E2398) 0.22 gal. psf 9 liters/m2
Runoff coef. (UWM research) 0.3 in average  
Rainfall retention 1.3 inches 33 mm
Max. water retention (ASTM E2397) 0.83 gal. per sq. ft. 34 liters/m2
Drainage Number of drainage holes 47 3/8" per sq. ft. 500 9mm holes/m2
Drainage clearance above membrane 1.2 inch 30 mm
Weight Dry weight (ASTM E2397) 15 lbs. per sq. ft. 75 kg/m2
Fully saturated, dead load (ASTM E2397) 22 lbs. per sq. ft. 108 kg/m2