Acropack Features


Acropack is made of aluminum rails fixed horizontally on the slope. Hydropack is attached onto it to prevent it from sliding.

The rails have a Ω shape and imbricate perfectly under the Hydropack tray. The Acropack system is invisible and very easy to place.

Acropack is a flexible system that can be installed from 2 ½ : 12 slope to almost vertical.

The rails are 78" long and the spacing of these rails can be adjusted to fit the weight constraints of the green roof (snow, pitch, wind, green roof system). The distance between rails is usually between 1 and 10 Hydropack trays.

Vegetal i.D. provides both guidance and calculations for the design and engineering study.

 Acropack Specifications

  Material HEELS (Inches) Height (Inches) Thickness (mm) Weight (lbs) per linear foot Max Resistance (lbs) per linear foot Application
Rail 120 aluminum 4.7 1.1 20/10e 1.16 134 fixed on the waterproofing membrane


Hydropack Specifications

Hydropack is made of 100% recycled HDPE and polyester fiber filter.

  Dimensions per unit 2 ft. x 1.3 ft. x 3.6 inch. 600 x 400 x 90 mm
Material Tray black 100% HDPE from bottle caps
Filter fabric Non-woven 3 oz. sq. ft. Non-woven 100 g/m2
Growing media FLL compliant, adapted to North America
Vegetation Standard/Accent/Custom
Water Water reserve depth 1.2 inch 30 mm
Water reserve 1/5 gal. per sq. ft. 8 liters/m2
Rainfall retention 1.1 inches 28 mm
Max. water retention capacity 3/5 gal. per sq. ft. 28 liters/m2
Drainage Number of drainage holes 47 3/8" per sq. ft. 500 9mm holes/m2
Drainage clearance above membrane 1.2 inch 30 mm
Weight Dry weight 11.5 lbs. per sq. ft. 56 kg/m2
Fully saturated max weight 18 lbs. per sq. ft. 85 kg/m2
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