Criteria of a Successful Green Roof

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Green roofs enhance urban areas by creating additional green spaces. Unlike roof gardens, which are both expensive to install and require intensive maintenance, extensive green roofs are easily installed at a significantly lower cost, and require minimal maintenance. The success of a green roof project depends on four key factors:

Project study

Vegetal i.D. completes thorough a project study of every installation to determine the most appropriate type of vegetation, the area to be planted, the installation process, and the subsequent maintenance requirements. The green roof system for each project must be designed with careful consideration for a number of important factors:

  • HYDROPACK Standard Mix on a School in France
  • decking
  • desired vegetation type and aesthetic appearance
  • safe working load
  • roof pitch
  • roof location and exposure
  • rooftop accessibility
  • building standards


There may be other additional constraints such as reflective walls that run alongside the green roof, or runoff that spills onto the green roof from adjacent roofs. All of these factors are taken into consideration by Vegetal i.D.'s engineers and technicians as they apply their expertise to identify the most appropriate design for each project.

Vegetal i.D. employs a well-balanced team of technical experts with unrivaled experience in the building and design of green roofs. This enables our expert team to offer valuable insight on even the most technically complex projects.

In North America, green roofs are subject to several standards and guidelines:

  • ASTM E 2397 : applicable when determining dead loads and live loads associated with a green roof system.
  • ANSI /SPRI RP-14 : applicable when factoring wind forces into the green roof design.
  • The green roof design guide produced by Toronto City Council (TGRCS).


The green roof system

HYDROPACK cross section

Vegetal i.D. has been growing perennials for over 20 years and operates one of North America's largest nurseries specializing in the production of green roof and living wall systems. The plants are drought tolerant, healthy and selected to stay beautiful in the long-run.  A green roof system consists of four successive layers: a drainage layer, a filter layer, a growing medium layer (substrate), and a vegetation layer. Successfully managing this composite structure is the key to creating a green roof system that performs well over the long-term.

Hydropack® module has been proven and tested in a multitude of climates and is the most installed green roof module in the world.


Installation Process

     Installing HYDROPACK

Installing a green roof requires special working arrangements, due to the weight of the green roof system, waterproofing requirements, and provisions for maintenance access. With several thousand successful projects worth of experience, Vegetal i.D.'s teams have the expertise to advice on all aspects of the installation and guide customers though any project specific constraints.



Weeding the green roof

Extensive green roofs require very little maintenance, but certain tasks are essential for the long-term survival of the plant cover. The type of maintenance activity depends on the type of vegetation and the customer's requirements in terms of aesthetic appearance.

We strongly recommend formalizing these maintenance tasks using a maintenance agreement with a specialist contractor when the project is handed over.

Vegetal i.D. offers maintenance agreements suitable for all types of projects, covering both planted and vegetation-free zones. The roofing assembly system will also require periodic maintenance by a specialist contractor.


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