Vegetation Options

Standard Plant Mix

Assorted perennials (All-sedum plant cover)- An ideal lightweight vegetation solution for inaccessible roofs.

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Quick & easy to install


Appropriate for:

  • All decking types
  • All waterproofing assemblies
  • Any pitch
  • Full to partial sun


Plant Varieties

Sedums are the "go-to" choice for extensive green roof vegetation.

Living conditions can be very demanding on rooftops. Plants are subject to extreme temperatures, wind and extended droughts. It is crucial to choose particularly hardy species for extensive green roofs. Sedum, chive, carnations and thyme are succulent plants highly resistant to the multiple sources of stress associated with rooftop living conditions. These plants are able to establish themselves and create long-lasting plant cover. They are capable of withstanding extended dry periods and then resuming their growth.

These plant varieties, which vary in height, are blended to obtain plant cover that remains attractive and uniform over time.

Standard Plant Mix- Plant cover with a vibrant appearance.

Plant cover based on the standard plant mix is low-lying and uniform, but wild. It features colors that change with the seasons and the intensity of the stresses to which the plants are subject. The overall appearance can vary from green, during periods of active growth (spring and fall) to bronze or even reddish-brown when plants are exposed to water shortages or frost.

The flowering season is generally May/June, during the summer or in September, depending on the species planted. Flowers tend to be white, yellow or pink. The location and exposure of the project, as well as the degree of maintenance also
have a significant impact on the condition of the plants and therefore the general appearance of the roof. These variations in appearance can be enhanced by maintenance.


Appearance in January May ... in June and July Standard Mix



Weight at MWRC
Vegetation height
General maintenance
(# of visits)
Full to part
18 lbs/sq. ft
(88 kg/sq. m)
(9 cm)
2/3" to 6"
(2 to 15 cm)
2-4 per year
3-5 gal/sq. ft
(28 l/sq. m)

1) Runoff Coefficient (source: FLL). (2) Maximum Water Retention Capacity * Depends on plant growth. Information for guidance only.

** Depends on the project's geographical location, exposure, and pitch.  Refer to the Irrigation section


Vegetal i.D. Projects Featuring the Standard Plant Mix

August (marine west coastal) March (marine west coastal) June (marine west coastal)
October (humid continental) April (humid continental) July (humid continental)
October (mediterranean) September (mediterranean) July (mediterranean)



Plant cover using the Standard Plant Mix requires minimal maintenance: the main upkeep operations (described in the ''Maintenance'' section) can be carried out with only 2 to 4 maintenance sessions per year. To provide an active growth and blooming, we recommend visiting the roof more often. 


Properties of the Main Plants in the Standard Plant Mix

Latin name  Flower Plant height Appearance
Flowering season
and color
Allium Schoenoprasum
(24 cm)
 Accent pinkmj  Full-shade
Allium Senescens ssp. Montanum
(15 cm)
Accent  pinkmj Full-shade 
Armeria Maritima
(15 cm)
Accent  pinkjj Full-shade 
Campanula rotundifolia Campanula-rotundifolia  11"

(28 cm)

Accent  bluejja Full-partial 
Dianthus areenarius Dianthus-arenarius
(40 cm) 
Accent  whitemjj Full
Dianthus Deltoides Dianthus-deltoides

(5-15 cm) 

Accent pinkjja Full
Hieracium aurantiaum and pilosella Hieracium-alpinum-2
(20 cm) 
Accent  orangejja Full
Petrorhagia saxifraga Petrorhagia-saxifraga
(10 cm)
Accent  whitejas Full 
Saxifraga Saxifraga
(25 cm) 
Accent  whitej Full 
Sedum Angelina Sedum-Angelina
(12 cm) 
Ground cover  yellowmj Full-shade 
Sedum Album Sedum-album-Green-Ice 4"-6"

(10-15 cm) 

Ground cover   whiteJJ Full 
Sedum Sexangulare sedum-Sexangulare
(5 cm) 
Ground cover  yellowjj Full 
Thymus Thymus-pulegioides
(9 cm) 
Accent  purpleja Full 
Sedum Spurium Elizabeth Sedum-spurium-elizabeth
(10 cm) 
Accent  pinkja Full-partial 
Sedum Florerum Kamtschaticum Sedum-floriferum
(10 cm) 
Accent  yelloja Full-partial 
Sedum Rupestre Sedum-rupestre-reflexum-Blue-Spruce-3
(5-15 cm) 
Accent  yellowjj Full-partial 
Sedum Hispanicum sedum-hispanicum
(5-7 cm)
Ground cover whiteJJ Full
Sedum Oreganum Sedum-oreganum
(5 cm)
Ground cover  yelloja Full-partial 
Sedum Acre Sedum-acre-aureum-2
(3-15 cm) 
Ground cover  yellowmjj Full 
Sedum Spurium John Creek Sedum-John-Creek
(12 cm) 
Ground cover  pinkjaso Full 


Accent Plant Mix

Standard Plant Mix with additional plugs-  Diversified, flowering plant cover for easy landscaped solutions.

  • Diversified plant cover
  • Landscaped vegetation
  • Lead time 6 weeks depending on availability of plugs


   HYDROPACK Accent Mix



Inserting Plugs

Appropriate for:

  • All decking
  • All waterproofing assemblies
  • Any pitch
  • Full-partial sun


Plant Varieties

The Accent Plant Mix plant cover solution is based on the Standard Plant Mix to which small plugs are added to form landscaped roofs featuring a variety of shapes and colors. Native varieties, herbs and medicinal plants can be included in the mix. The «accent» plugs are added at a density of one to two plants per module, i.e. 0.4 to 0.8 plants per sq. ft.

Plants are generally selected to form groups with varied colors that change over the course of the seasons.



  • Plant accent plugs in the Hydropack® modules in accordance with the design chosen by the landscape architect.
  • Insert at an angle of 45 degrees when planting.
  • Water copiously.


HYDROPACK Accent Mix Phlox Subulata Sempervivum (Blue Boy) Sempervivum (Sparkle)



Custom Plant Mix

   Custom plant mix example

Personalized plant selections - Custom plant cover for landscaped solutions

  • Very varied plant cover
  • Landscaped vegetation
  • Flexibility


Appropriate for:

  • All decking
  • All waterproofing assemblies
  • Any pitch
  • Full sun-full shade


Plant Varietites

The Custom Plant Mix offers the most flexible solution; the customer compiles a personalized list of plants for their project and submits their order at least three months in advance. Vegetal I.D.'s team of horticulturists are on hand to offer advice on compiling a suitable list of plants.



Depends on the particular plant mix.


Custom Mix freshly planted Plant mix design
Sedum Cauticolum
Sedum spurium Sedum Reflexum Custom flower mixes Iris reticulata



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