Sloped Green Roof Installation Guide

At the foundation of every Vegetal i.D. sloped green roof installation lies Acropack.  Upon that foundation is the Hydropack green roof tray.  Please read the Hydropack installation guide before continuing to the sloped green roof installation guide.





The Acropack retaining system is made of aluminum rails to prevent Hydropack from sliding.  The rails imbricate perfectly under the Hydropack tray.  This retaining system is invisible and easy to place.  Depending on the project, Acropack is either attached on the waterproofing membrane or supported by stainless steel cables (Ø 0.2") attached to the ridge of the roof to transfer the load upward.

Acropack is a flexible system that is ideal for any slope application up to 200%

Technical Specifications

  • ACROPACKThe rail length of the Acropack Ω is 78''. The rails are spaced according to the constraints of the green roof such as snow load, pitch, and wind.
  • The distance between rails is usually between 1 and 10 Hydropack trays (16'' to 160'').
  • The spacing that is used will be determined by Vegetal I.D.'s project study and then validated by an engineer.


Technical Data

Acropack Material HEELS (inch) Height (inch) Thickness (mm) Weight (lbs) per linear foot Max. resistance (lbs) per linear foot Application
Rail 120 aluminum 4.7 1.1 20/10e 1.16 134 fixed on top of the waterproofing membrane

ACROPACK Ω dimension (click to enlarge)

ACROPACK Ω with cable dimension (click to enlarge)

Additional Material to Secure the Trays

  • Screws to attach each tray to the Acropack Ω (1 screw per tray, supplied with the shipment)
  • UV protected zip ties to attach trays with others, (1 per tray, supplied with the shipment)
  • Protection net with a 2" mesh, used only above 12:12 slope and in areas with high wind.


ACROPACK Ω & HYDROPACK Profile Sloped green roof installation



The Acropack Ω retaining system is put in place before installing the Hydropack trays. Depending on the installation schedule, delivery can be planned in steps so that Hydropack arrives the day it is to be installed.

In order to fasten Acropack Ω to the carrying element, it may be necessary to introduce additional equipment underneath the sealing layer, to compensate the forces (accessories integrated to the insulation layer).


The implementation of this solution involves important overload at the ridge of the roof. A structural engineer or architect needs to verify the application.


Assembly steps: 

  • Cut the bracket rails according to the dimensions of the roof.
  • Position the brackets on the roof. Pay special attention to the bracket spacing that is specified in the layout. Use empty Hydropack trays (supplied) to ensure propper spacing (fig. 1).
  • Seal the brackets onto the waterproofing membrane and then install the Hydropack, starting from the bottom up keeping the male hooks of the tray facing down (fig. 2).
  • Position the brackets on the roof. Pay special attention to the bracket spacing that is specified in the layout. Use empty Hydropack trays (supplied) to ensure propper spacing.
  • When installing the Hydropack trays, start from the bottom up keeping the male hooks of the tray facing down.
  • Install the ridge support and attach the cables.


Figure 1 Figure 2 ACROPACK Ω 30



Acropack Unit
Rails 500/pallet
Cables 32/box
Screws 200/box







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