Vegetal i.D. is dedictated to developing working solutions in green infrastructure that are reliable and environmentally friendly.  We are currently working on a two-year project to monitor the performance of Hydroactive Smart Roof in both Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Paris, France.  

In this project we will be monitoring the following parameters in 4 150 ft2 testing plots that include 2 versions of Hydroactive Smart Roof, Hydropack, and a bare "control" roof:

  • Flow rates
  • Water retention
  • Evapotranspiration (production of the plants)
  • Total water consumption
  • Temperature (to estimate urban heat island abatement)
  • Plant health
  • Soil moisture
  • Local weather (rainfall, temperature, humidity etc..)


This project would not be possible without some very important partners:


The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) - MMSD has provided us with both a location and funding to make this progress a success.  This project is part of MMSD's innovative goal known as Fresh Coast 740, a goal to capture 740 million gallons of water on-site every time it rains.



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The Fund for Lake Michigan - The Fund For Lake Michigan has provided funding and support to help make this project possible.




The Milwaukee Water Council - The Milwaukee Water Council invited Vegetal i.D. into the Milwaukee area with open arms with an invitation to join the BREW Program.  BREW is a startup accelerator for emerging companies in the water sector.  The Milwaukee Water Council has provided Vegetal i.D. with office space and financial support that has enabled Vegetal i.D. to collaborate with some of the biggest wave makers in the water sector.




The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UW Milwaukee) - UW Milwaukee has partnered with Vegetal i.D. to monitor the performance of the green roof systems integrated with this pilot project.




The University of Wisconsin Whitewater (UW Whitewater) - UW Whitewater has partnered with Vegetal i.D. to use the performance metrics collected by UW Milwaukee to perform a cost-benefit analysis from the perspective of the municipality to gain a better understanding of the costs that are saved and the value added by integrating high performance green roofs as a component of stormwater management. 




Carlisle SynTec - Carlisle donated the roofing material used to construct the 150 ft2 test plots that necessary to monitor water management performance in this project.



skyline logo Skyline of Milwaukee - The roofing company Skyline installed our test plots and donated the labor involved with this project.


Stay tuned with this page in order to keep up to date with the progress of our project.

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